For the Class of 2017, BlueBox Consulting has had Admits and Partial Scholarships to the MBA Programs of:
• UCLA, USA     • Kenan-Flagler, USA

Masters Programs of:
• Carnegie Mellon, USA    • Pratt, USA

For the Class of 2017, BlueBox Consulting has had Admits to:
MBA Programs of:
• TRIUM EXEC MBA NYU, LSE, HEC Paris     • UCLA – NUS EXEC MBA     • INSEAD, Singapore     • Columbia, USA
• Ross, USA     • Kellogg, USA     • NYU, USA     • UCLA, USA     • IE, Spain     • Cornell, USA     • Rotman, Canada
• Sauder, Canada     • Boston • University, USA     • NUS, Singapore     • HKUST, Hong Kong     • Nanyang, Singapore     • McDonough, USA
• Boston College, USA     • Kenan-Flagler, USA     • Schulich, Canada

Masters Programs of:
• Carnegie Mellon, USA     • Cornell, USA     • HEC Paris, France     • ESSEC, France     • ESADE, France    • IESE, France     • NUS, Singapore     • SMU, Singapore

Vidhu Rath

Admitted into UCLA Anderson, USA ($40K Scholarship), UW Foster, USA ($50K Scholarship), Duke Fuqua, USA ($20K Scholarship), UVA Darden, USA – All for their Full-Time MBA Programs (Class of 2019)

Applying to an MBA program has been a daunting task and I don’t think I could have secured admission into any Top 10 B-School without Aarti and her team’s guidance and support. I have worked with Aarti for almost 2 years leading up to my admits and throughout this process, she has enabled me to put forward my best possible self, through my applications, and Essays. I especially found BlueBox’s focus on building an X-Factor crucial to my success and the brainstorming process very effective in bringing out the best personal and professional strengths in me thereby enabling me to paint an excellent picture of myself to schools.

The critical review of each draft of my essays and the chance to interact and discuss my application with a Mentor from a Top B-School helped streamline my application to perfection. All this resulted in me getting into top ranked programs like Duke, UCLA, Foster and Darden. I would be glad to recommend BlueBox Consulting’s services to MBA aspirants who wish to build strong profiles and develop impactful stories to reach their target B-Schools.

Accepted into Columbia, USA – Full-time MBA Program (Class of 2019)

I had some experience applying to MBA programs and I thought I could utilize my familiarity of the MBA admission. However, after speaking to Aarti, I realized that her structured approach, insights into the admissions process and her keen understanding of my profile could help me differentiate my B-school application. The brainstorming session with Aarti and my Mentor (from a top B-school) helped me to prepare concrete goals and conduct an incredible amount of research for schools. Throughout the entire process, both my mentor and Aarti were really helpful and accessible. Their critical review of my essays and support for ironing out the weaknesses ultimately helped me get interviews and the acceptance to Columbia Business School. Needless to say, I recommend Bluebox’s Consulting services to MBA aspirants looking for inputs on improving their profile and structuring their story for business schools.

Accepted into: INSEAD, France –Full Time MBA (Class of 2019J), HEC Paris – Full-time MBA (Class of 2019)

The effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference.

I signed up with Aarti after connecting with her through an MBA fair event in the city. We met at a coffee shop and within 30 minutes, I was convinced to sign up with her. Her entire package is structured in an organised manner and managed by two experts. On one hand, Aarti helped bring the best in my overall profile and provided access to all resources needed in doing so. She gave me a sense of direction throughout the journey. Not to mention her help on my video essays and interviews where she conducted Skype sessions with me at 11 pm in the night to accommodate my work hours! On the other hand, my mentor assigned who is an alum from a top school and who works in a different time zone helped me with polishing my essays and bring out my stories in a structured, sharp and lucid manner. Most importantly, I would like to emphasize on his availability and his quick turnaround times, when I was racing towards deadlines.

Their calm demeanour and practical approach kept me cool when I received interviews or as deadlines approached. You would be surprised on how important this is.

Such things made the difference. Highly recommend Blue Box and Aarti.

Accepted into Schulich, Canada Full-time MBA program (Class of 2020) with a $10, 000 Scholarship

I applied for an MBA for 2018 intake but failed to get through any of my aspired universities. In 2018, I cam across BlueBox while I was surfing the internet for consulting firms to guide me through the application process for 2019 intake.

After researching on quite a few options, I narrowed down to bluebox after talking to Aarti. Her clarity of thoughts, structured approach and knowledge of various universities really impressed me. Her approach for each university was different and well organized. She not only helped me with the essays and my profile but also conducted multiple mocks before the interviews.

Amidst the application procedure, I had to undergo a small surgery which caused a lot of delay in my applications. Aarti made sure she encouraged me to work through the applications and helped me at each step. Her quick responses to my drafts helped me keep up the pace and apply to my desired universities in time.

I remember Aarti telling me in our initial brainstorming sessions, that York University would be a super ambitious school to apply to. However, thanks to her directions and assistance, the first admit I received was from York – Schulich. I am delighted with my admit and am thankful to Aarti for her constant guidance. I would highly recommend BlueBox consulting to anyone who is looking for a structured way to approach MBA applications.

Mohit Bijlani, INSEAD_Think Bluebox


I made a rather late decision to apply to INSEAD. I had less than 3 weeks to go before the application deadline, and desperately needed professional guidance to help meet the aggressive timelines. To add to the challenge, I had to make an emergency 5-day trip halfway across the world for the passing of a loved one. Aarti’s contributions to my application were nothing short of stellar. She first gave me a sense of direction with a tentative plan-of-attack, was highly responsive and laser focused in her inputs, and orchestrated the entire process seamlessly to help me turn in a first-rate application in just 12 days! It is quite apparent that Aarti has insights into the admissions processes of top B-schools, as well as boatloads of experience in working with a wide variety of applicants. I am delighted with my acceptance into INSEAD, and needless to say, would recommend Aarti’s advisory services to MBA aspirants in a heartbeat!

Accepted into: HEC Montreal, Queens (Smith School of Business) & Concordia University for Masters in International Business (Class of 2019)

Aarti is truly amazing and really helped me focus on my strengths when I was struggling to reinvent my career. She helped me stay focused on the positive things I could offer and see how much I really could do to improve my profile overall to become a competitive candidate. She is very positive, energetic, creative and supportive. My mentor and Aarti were my greatest resources in my search to pick the best schools, Resume creation, Statement of Purpose creation and Interview processes, etc. The whole process and the way it is handled, right from you joining BlueBox to your self assessment and being allotted a mentor truly helps you learn s much more about yourself and what actually are top B schools looking for in candidates. I got accepted into some of Canada’s top schools like Queens University, HEC Montreal and Concordia University for a Master’s program in International Business, all thanks to Aarti and my mentor for all the work they put in and for catering to my endless queries! I will definitely recommended BlueBox Consulting to my friends.

Amanpreet Singh, IIM Bangalore_Think Bluebox

IIM Bangalore, MBA

Life is situation dependent and these situations make you realize the true picture of the world. I was in a dilemma, I had converted B-Schools in Canada and USA but was uncertain where to head. I found a guide in Aarti and I opened up my thoughts to her. She guided me through my dilemma and today I am about to graduate from IIM Bangalore and I am currently studying there. The situation helped me find a friend, mentor and a philosopher who taught me how to deal with tough situations in life. I appreciate her guidance and thank her for all the help she provided.

Accepted into an MBA Program with a Partial Scholarship at University of Alberta, Drexel & RIT

After giving my GMAT, I was beyond hope for directions to apply for my MBA and thats when I met Aarti. She had the clearest vision and focus for how I should be going about my application and jumped right at it. Aarti gave me full attention and always responded with a way to tackle every small hurdle in the application process. I had gotten into most of the schools that I applied to in the US and Canada, some even with partial scholarships. Aarti’s help on the MBA interviews remarkably helped my performance and confidence, perhaps, making it a major reason why RIT, Drexel & University of Alberta would’ve chosen me.

Prerak Mehta, MSc in Information Networking, Carnegie Mellon Prerak
MSc in Information Networking, Carnegie Mellon

Aarti was recommended by a close friend as the only person I should contact if I am looking to pursue an International Education since he had already secured admission and was in the U.S.A. because of Aarti. I approached her and from the onset she was a very friendly yet realistic Consultant. She was straightforward about my chances of getting into Top Universities. Impressed by her honest attitude, I asked her to help me through the application process and she was extremely helpful throughout. Through several chats, she helped understand my profile at length and thereon picked a few of my achievements, goals and strengths to write about in the Statements of Purpose and even helped edit all my Letters of Recommendations and put together my entire application. I was extremely happy to have got in to Carnegie Mellon and I currently work in Mumbai as the Co-Founder of Unstockify.

Smitha Kakde, MSc in Public Health, University of EdinburghSmitha
MSc in Public Health, University of Edinburgh

I know Aarti since back in School and it has been a pleasure to remain her friend over these years. I never thought I would get the opportunity to go study in the U.K. but Aarti always encouraged me and when my family and I decided that I should pursue a Masters, I obviously approached Aarti for the same. She has been a great friend but I never knew how much knowledge she had about International Education until we sat down for a chat about my next move in the future. She has great ideas and was very supportive that I keep my options open since I am a Dentist by profession and cannot practice it abroad. I was keen on pursuing Public Health as an alternative and after going through my academics and work experience she immediately encouraged me to apply to Top Universities in the U.K. Even though I was not confident, she created all my applications giving me strategies to write each Essay and Letter of Recommendation and thereafter she helped me collate all financial and visa documents! I was as surprised as anyone else that I got into University of Edinburgh which is the Number 3rd University for my field. I am currently working as a Practicing Dentist in the U.K all thanks to Aarti !

Versha Jhunjhunwala, MSc Business Systems Analysis & Design, City University London_Think BlueBoxVersha
MSc Business Systems Analysis & Design, City University London

Abhishek was a International Education Admission Consultant when I contacted him to Study in the U.K. From the very first phone call chat with him, I knew that he had industry knowledge and experience. He was conscientious during my entire application and although I knew he had plenty of applications at the time to process since deadlines were approaching, his personal attention to my application was spectacular! I was grateful to get into City University London through his help and in fact he kept in touch with me even after I landed asking if I needed anymore help and help me look up temporary places to stay before I found accommodation. He emailed me a list of places to go to in London and eat to experience London economically but enjoyably!

Alireza Ajam, MBA Henley Business School, U.K._Think Bluebox

MBA Henley Business School, U.K.

Abhishek helped me through my entire application and visa process from the very first day I’ve decided to pursue an MBA in the U.K. He helped me choose the right University and also assist me in all the visa application process. I would highly recommend his services.

Trishul Gaglani_Think BlueboxTrishul
Bachelors in Human Resources, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

I was referred to Abhishek through a friend while searching for Universities to pursue my Bachelors abroad and I was very keen on going to Australia. Abhishek helped me shortlist schools based on my profile, helped put together my documents and even helped me write all my Essays, Statements of Purpose and Letters of Recommendations. He was extremely helpful putting together my financial documents and the visa process too. Thereafter I have been working in Australia, have my Permanent Residency and have had the opportunity to become an entrepreneur in Brisbane. Going to Australia changed my life and perspective and I have to thank Abhishek for it. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking to study abroad since he has the industry knowledge and is extremely helpful.

Akshay Koregaonkar, Bachelors in Computer Science & Cybernetics, University of Reading, U.K.

Bachelors in Computer Science & Cybernetics, University of Reading, U.K.

Abhishek was very professional and friendly that gave me some really sound and solid advice that most definitely helped me with my admission at University of Reading where I completed my Bachelors in Computer Science and Cybernetics. I would highly recommend him for International Admissions.

Accepted into Rotman, Canada Full time MBA & McDonough Full time MBA (Class of 2020)

“Following a few dings last year, I decided to take Aarti’s help for my applications. Her confident, but upfront and realistic approach, helped me narrow down to the target schools. Completing the detailed Brainstorming Form (which at that point felt unnecessary), not only helped gather my points but also helped me understand my stories and inspired me to go for the best version. Aarti and Top School Alumni / Mentor were meticulous in their approach to help me refine my essays and include certain points, which otherwise I would have missed. I guess the best part of the process, was the interview preparation and the mock interviews taken by Aarti. They were intense, information heavy and, as I later found out, were very close to the real interviews.

Thank you for all the help and I would recommend Blue Box and Aarti to all the MBA aspirants.”

Accepted into: IESE, Spain Full-time MBA (Class 0f 2019), HKUST, Hong Kong Full-time MBA (Class 0f 2019) with a $25,000 Scholarship.
HEC Paris, France Full time MBA Program

I was highly motived to pursue an MBA but without Aarti and BlueBox Consulting I would not have known how to channel that motivation to secure admits.
In my very first interaction with Aarti, it was clear to me the vast amount of knowledge and experience she had with the entire MBA admissions process. I was convinced her services would help me with the application process and I signed up with her instantly. The package is structured very well and the brainstorming exercise at the start with my assigned mentor from a top school helped to bring out the best in my background and experiences. I am applying to multiple schools and without Aarti’s super quick turnaround on my essays, I would not have been able to meet the tight deadlines. The mock interviews were very helpful as well, and gave me the confidence to succeed in the actual ones. Overall, Aarti’s feedback was always very specific and actionable and her services elevated my applications to a competitive level. I strongly recommend Aarti and BlueBox Consulting to all MBA aspirants.

Accepted into ISB – Class of 2020

Having applied to business schools earlier, I had realized I needed someone with a structured approach who could help me brainstorm in depth, identify the best and most relevant aspects of my profile and clearly articulate the same in my essays. That’s where Aarti and Blue Box came in. Right from the start, Aarti demonstrated immense investment in my success and instilled the confidence that she would be there every step of the way. The brainstorming session with Aarti and my Mentor (from a top B-school), in-depth research into the schools, repeated iterations of essays and invaluable feedback in mock interviews ultimately helped me to get an admit into ISB. Aarti’s moto “I am always available for my clients” is indicative of how accessible she is and the strict timelines she follows helps ensure that applications are in place well in time for the deadlines. I would recommend Bluebox’s Consulting services to MBA aspirants looking for inputs on their story and improving their chances of success.

Accepted into: ISB PGP (Class of 2019)

I got to know about Aarti through my GMAT tutor. I reached out to her as a completely lost but determined MBA aspirant, hoping to get into ISB. Even before I was on board as a client, Aarti set up many initial chats and gave me honest advice on my profile and suggested ways in which I could strengthen it, which braced me for the competitive application and admission process.

Once I was on board, the entire application process went smoothly and in an organized manner. As someone with a busy work schedule, Aarti’s constant reminders and status checks helped me stay on track.

The most unique feature of Aarti’s consulting service is her brainstorming sessions. I wanted a consultant that understood my story and didn’t try to fit me into a standardized template. The brainstorming sessions helped me identify and map my story in an interesting manner and helped me stand out among the many applicants that apply to ISB.

I would recommend Blue Box to anyone who wants to get into his/her dream school. Aarti is the right person to have in your corner during the stressful application process.

Accepted into IIM Calcutta, MBA

Having no similar experience at all, when I started my application I knew I needed help. I met Aarti after few telephonic conversations and she had very clear vision and was confident she could help. During the whole application cycle, she was just a call away and was even available for skype call at 11.00 PM. Furthermore, both Aarti and the mentor assigned concentrated on the application by helping me improve the quality of the essays and additionally, build my holistic profile to a large extent. I truly believe, it is this holistic profile that landed me in to IIM C and I am grateful for it!
I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to get into Top MBA programs.

Accepted into the 2017 MBA Programs of UCLA & Kenan-Flagler with Partial Scholarships

By the time i had finished writing my GMAT, round 1 deadlines for US B schools were already over and i was frantically searching for a counselor. This is when i met Aarti. She was very forthcoming and straightforward and made me realize that a lot could be achieved in Round 2 as well. She helped me build my story and connected me to a mentor who is an alumni from a Top B school. Together, they guided me through the entire process. Aarti was always just a phone call or email away. I distinctly remember that she helped me over email even when she was vacationing in Thailand. I got into 2 of the top 15 universities in the US with partial scholarships, thanks to her support and would definitely recommend her services to B school aspirants.

Yashna Shetty, Fordham University_Think Bluebox

Fordham University, MBA

I know Aarti from Crossfit in Mumbai and when she told me she is an International Admissions Expert, I immediately setup an appointment to meet her. She met me at very short notice, was very proactive in following up and helped me understand the right fit Business Schools for me. Additionally, she provided in depth guidance to help write all my essays and Letters of Recommendations. She has thereafter remained a friend and I will definitely recommend her services to MBA candidates!

Kunal Sheth, MSc in Computer Science, Johns Hopkins UniversityKunal
MSc in Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University

After I completed my BE in Computers in 2009, I was considering all my options for my next step. That is when a friend introduced me to Aarti. Right from the onset she was very encouraging and insightful about Masters in Computer Science from the USA. Although I didn’t fair well in the GRE and wasn’t quite sure if I want to do it again, Aarti was extremely hopeful that we could still apply to quality schools and get in. She worked extremely hard to build a stellar application for me which got me into Johns Hopkins. Thereon, I went to working in Boston for a few years and have recently moved back to India to handle my family business. Going to Johns Hopkins truly changed my life and I have Aarti to thank for it! I will definitely recommend International Education aspirants due to her immense knowledge on what Universities are looking in candidates and her proactive and diligent skills.

Jacob George, Bachelors in Finance, Monash UniversityJacob
Bachelors in Finance, Monash University

I had the pleasure of knowing Aarti from our days back in Good Shepherd International School. When the time came to start applying to universities, she was extremely resourceful in finding the right programs tailored to my interests. She ensured to simplify the admission process by doing the initial groundwork and was always a call away if help was ever needed. I thoroughly enjoyed my stint at Monash University and managed to graduate with a distinction class. I am currently running a furniture design studio in Dubai. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable and transparent educational consultant.

Alejandro Celli, Bachelors of Arts in International Relations, Hult International Business School, Global Campuses_Think BlueboxAlejandro
Bachelors of Arts in International Relations, Hult International Business School, Global Campuses

My life literally changed when I made the decision to study abroad. I am very thankful for all the help that I got from Abhishek and his team with the entire admissions process to Hult International Business School. I am now living in Dubai where I head the undergraduate enrollment team in the Middle East for Hult itself.

Israa Javed, MBA, University of Wollongong, U.A.E_Think Bluebox

MBA, University of Wollongong, U.A.E.

I had started doing my own research to pursue my further education, specifically an MBA degree within the UAE. This is when my husband referred me to Abhishek. He surely made my hunt much easier! He helped me look at a number of universities that suited my criteria and after weighing all my options, I decided to enroll in the University of Wollongong, Dubai. It has been a great experience studying here, and I’m glad I had him to guide me in the right direction.

Vikram Igoor, MBA, Christ Church College, U.K._Think Bluebox

MBA, Christ Church College, U.K.

After a few years of work experience, I wanted to go to U.K. to pursue an MBA but had no clue how to go about it until I contacted Abhishek. He gave me 10 to 12 options of Universities I should go to in the U.K. along with links and important pros and cons of all universities. With his help I got in to Christ Church College and it was the best experience I have ever had. Thereon, I went to working for a Top Wine Cellar, was able to repay back my MBA loan and moved back to India. I am currently working for Bose as their Business Development Head for India.

Uzma Muneer, MSc. in Marketing, BPP University, U.K
MSc. in Marketing, BPP University, U.K.

I always wanted to study in London for my Postgraduate Education. I contacted Abhishek about my Study Abroad Options, and after careful consideration, BPP University was one of the options I was recommended. Abhishek helped me throughout the process, from the initial application right until ensuring that the visa documents were in order, and helped keeping me updated. When I finally got in and went to U.K, he also called to ask if I need anything and even offered to pick me up from the airport – that was the personal touch I required because after the initial excitement the anxiety of going abroad to study does creep in. I successfully completed my studies, graduated with Merit, and have successfully moved to Dubai and work with an American Business School. Thanks Abhishek!